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Imagine you could access all your favourite websites in parallel in one go, getting the best content displayed in a simple consistent format, allowing you to search content by date, by category, by #tag and search string, allowing you to view all the content on your laptop, your tablet or your phone. That’s what Consider.ie is: Your 'GoTo' place for links to all the best content.

Consider.ie is a free web application which allows you to discover all the most interesting web pages on the internet. It's a news aggregator site, and we scan thousands of web pages every day, searching for interesting information which is then categorised and linked back to the source. The main categories include News, Technology, Business, Film, Lifestyle, Art, Music, Science, Culture, Space, Books, Finance, Sport, Travel, Food, Architecture and lots more. This web application has a responsive design, so it works equally well on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. (Try it on your phone, it looks great.)

To support the cost of running the website, we may place a modest amount of advertising which is relevant to the articles being displayed.

Note regarding the content on this site: Consider.ie retrieves the "Open Graph" metadata from websites, using a web crawler. This application respects the robots.txt file on each site and only accesses areas which site owners have identified as open to web crawlers. The link, title, summary and image links which we employ to create this site, are used under the 'Fair Use" rules in the USA, where our database is located. This does not contravene copyright of the content owners as we are merely providing a service to link to the articles on the source sites, crediting them as the owners of the content. If any website owner unhappy with this "fair usage", please contact us, and we will immediately remove all information relating to your site. Other than the metadata described above, we do not store any other information from the source websites, nor do we sell the information to anyone else.

This site is in final Beta Test - for the next period, which means there may be new features added and bugs fixed periodically.
If you notice any issues, would like to provide feedback or would like to suggest new features, please email us using the contact details below.
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